Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) used to be the standard treatment for menopausal women since it was thought that replacing lost estrogen would protect women against heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. Then, after a large study in 2002 showed that HRT raised the risk of cancer (particularly breast cancer) and did not lower the risk of heart disease, many women stopped taking the hormones. Since then, many have taken a more nuanced approach to HRT. A recent review of 19 different studies involving 40,000 women found that younger women just entering menopause are not in as much danger of dangerous side effects as older women long past menopause. In addition, lower-dose HRT formulations may be safer.

Your age, type of menopause, and time since menopause play a significant role in the risks associated with hormone therapy. Talk with your doctor about your personal risks. From well woman care to family planning to surgical options to menopause, our goal is to keep you healthy through all ages and stages of life. Please call LADIES FIRST OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY OF DOTHAN at (334) 671-9445 to schedule an appointment. New and established patients are always welcome at our offices located in Dothan, Ozark, & Enterprise. “Excellence in Caring For Women”

P.S. New hormone replacement delivery methods (such as patches) may avert side effects such as blood clots.