A pregnant woman is likely to first notice her baby’s movements sometime around 18 to 25 weeks into her pregnancy. After that, she will be better able to distinguish a pattern in her baby’s movements that leads to increased understanding of her baby’s sleeping and waking cycles, the baby’s most active period, and what triggers activity. This may help the mother-to-be set aside time each day to count baby’s kicks, jabs, and rolls. While counting fetal movements is generally recommended for high-risk pregnancies, “count kicks” may be beneficial for all pregnancies beginning at week 28. Not only does this time together help in the bonding experience, but it may also help the mother identify any significant changes.

If this is not your first pregnancy, you may feel your baby move around 16 weeks. At LADIES FIRST OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY OF DOTHAN, we offer expectant mothers advanced prenatal and obstetrical care. We are with you every step of the way throughout your entire pregnancy. When it’s time to deliver, you can rest easy that our doctors will be there for you, creating a warm, safe, and joyous welcome for the newest family member. Please call (334) 671-9445 to schedule an appointment. We provide confidential and affordable treatment to both new and established patients at our our offices located in Dothan, Ozark, & Enterprise. “Excellence in Caring For Women”

P.S. Many mothers-to-be prefer to lie on their left sides when monitoring their babies’ activity since it allows the best circulation, which may lead to more activity.