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Deborah Helms, PA-C

Debra HelmsDeborah has been a board-certified physician assistant since she graduated from the University of Florida in 1979. She specializes in natural (bioidentical) hormonal replacement, an alternative to menopause management.

Deborah chose this specialty because hormones personally affected her life. “I know exactly what patients are going through—not sleeping, gaining weight, depression,” she says. Deborah has been studying the subject for 30 years, and has been working with bioidentical hormones for nine years. “Hormones fascinate me,” she explains. “Hormones govern every part of your body.”

In addition to being a safe and affordable option, Deborah says the advantage of using bioidentical hormones is “they are the same chemical structure as what was in your body when you were younger.” Since Deborah uses compounding pharmacies to balance the dosage of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone based on what each patient needs, it is a more individualized approach to handling menopausal changes. “It’s all about balance,” she explains. “I look at 22 symptoms and see what’s been relieved.”

Deborah works with more than 200 formulations of these hormones, offering doses in both topical and oral form. “It is rewarding to see the improvements people have in health by using hormones,” she says. “One of my patients had a 100-pound weight loss by balancing hormones.”

“I spend 45 minutes to an hour with my new patients. I really get to know them—what they do, what their activities are, their marriage—everything. I do things differently,” Deborah shares. “Women are so stressed; there are so many things they are juggling. I address stress issues in my practice. I look at the whole picture—lifestyle, diet, exercise—not centering on one thing.”

When she’s not at work, Deborah likes to spend time with her children, and exercise, including running and ballroom dancing, a hobby she and her husband have enjoyed for more than a decade.