Technology keeps evolving every day and with that the Medical Field does too. Votiva is a non-invasive treatment that helps women feel better. We all know giving birth, menopause, and aging can be difficult and even painful throughout the years. But, the good news is that Votiva is changing lives of many women around the world. Why? Because is helping women to forget about all those problems like vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and decreased sexual sensitivity.

What is Votiva?

 FDA- approved technology that addresses a variety of feminine wellness concerns. This cutting-edge procedure uses two-handled devices – Forma V and Fractora V. Rejuvenating the vaginal tissues tightens the skin and can improve vaginal laxity, vagina lubrication, sensation and muscle tone. It also helps with the blood flow, sensitivity as well as elasticity on the labia. Ladies First is happy to offer this amazing treatment to improve our patient’s feminine health and quality of life.

What results can I expect?

This treatment will target the issues you have discussed with your doctor. It can help alleviate sexual discomfort, vaginal irritation, and cosmetic concerns apply too. The outcomes are pretty much positive and can be felt and seem immediately with continuing effects over the long-term. Full benefits may take a few weeks, but the improvements can continue for up to three months’ post-treatment and benefit continue over time.

How do I know if Votiva is right for me?

 Whether you are experiencing symptoms of menopause, want to remedy painful effects of childbirth or simply feel yourself again, Votiva can have a positive impact to your quality of life. And, do not forget to give us a call today or schedule a free consultation to start your treatment. Ladies First also provides MedSpa services. Check out our page and see what else we offer to our Ladies here in Alabama, do not miss out our MedSpa events and you will get to know more about this amazing treatment that can change your daily life and our other services.