To lend more clarity to pregnant women about what medications are safe to take, the FDA recently introduced revamped labeling on prescription drugs that will make it easier to tell which medications are safe for infants and developing fetuses. Replacing the system that uses one of five letters (A, B, C, D, and X) to indicate risk, the newer drug labels will have categories for “Pregnancy” (which will include information on medication use during pregnancy, labor, and delivery); “Lactation” (which will offer information on whether a medicine migrates into breast milk and how it may affect an infant); and “Females and Males of Reproductive Potential” (which will discuss birth control, prenatal tests, and a medicine’s impact on fertility).

When you meet with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy, ask what medications are safe to take and what meds you need to find alternatives for. Your doctor will weigh the risks and benefits to help you know what’s safe. At LADIES FIRST OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY OF DOTHAN, we offer expectant mothers advanced prenatal and obstetrical care. We are with you every step of the way throughout your entire pregnancy. Please call (334) 671-9445 to schedule an appointment. We provide confidential and affordable treatment to both new and established patients at our our offices located in Dothan, Ozark, & Enterprise. “Excellence in Caring For Women”

P.S. According to the FDA, the typical American woman takes an average of three to five prescription drugs during a pregnancy.