Obstetrical FAQs

How long will the first visit take?

You can anticipate the OB education visit will last about 1-2 hours. It will entail the following:

  • Filling out required paper work
  • Meeting with one of our doctors
  • Most likely having an ultrasound (but this depends on your gestational age)
  • Getting lab work done
  • Preparing a plan of care for the rest of  your pregnancy
  • All of the above may take some time depending on your pregnancy risk factors.

Our policy on welcoming newly pregnant patients is that you will be given an appointment to see one of our doctors within the first week of calling to notify us of your pregnancy. We would ideally like to do your first ultrasound between 7-10 weeks gestation. This means that at your first OB visit with us your may or may not get an ultrasound as it may need to be scheduled closer to the 7-10 week time interval.

What dietary recommendations do you give your patients?

Click here to see information about foods to avoid during pregnancy. Click here for a listing of recommendations to help with nausea.


Where does your practice deliver?

We are affiliated with Flowers Hospital.


Can I come to OBGYN of Dothan if I plan to home-birth?

Our practice does not support home births because of the risks associated with them. We cannot assume the care for you through your prenatal course.


When should I start taking folic acid if I’m considering getting pregnant and can I take over-the counter prenatal vitamins?

You can begin folic acid supplementation as soon as you decide you may attempt pregnancy. It is preferable to start three months before attempting pregnancy. You can take over-the-counter prenatal vitamins as long they contain at least 400 mcg or .4 mg of folic acid. Women at increased risk, that is with a family history of Spina Bifida, should take 4 mg (or 4000 mcg) of folic acid.


What do you suggest if my prenatal vitamin makes me nauseous?

Many patients have found that Flintstone’s Vitamins are tolerable. Taking two Flintstone’s Vitamins will suffice as a supplement.


How often will I come in and what tests will I have done during my pregnancy?

Click here to view the normal pregnancy schedule listing tests that should be performed. We are a full-service obstetrical office providing all the prenatal testing you will need for a typical pregnancy. If you have a special problem we will refer you to the perinatologists, with whom we will work closely to manage your pregnancy.


May I travel long distances while I am pregnant?

Yes, but only until you reach 28 weeks of pregnancy. You should stop every one to two hours and walk for about 10 minutes to increase circulation and prevent leg and feet swelling.


May I travel by airplane?

Yes, with authorization by your physician. Some airlines require a written letter from the physician authorizing travel by air. Remember if you go out of town; take a copy of your prenatal records with you.


May I go swimming?

Yes, provided you have not experienced a rupture of your membranes (water breaking).


May I go to the dentist while I’m pregnant?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Your dentist should use only local anesthesia and must cover the abdominal area during all X-rays. No nitrous oxide may be used.


May I get a hair permanent?

Yes, but not recommended.


May I have my hair colored/dyed?

Yes, but not in your first trimester. We recommend only highlighting your hair after your first trimester.


May I use a salt substitute?

No, because it contains potassium salts that could cause problems.


Are diet drinks okay?

Yes, after the first trimester (13 weeks), but try not to drink more that one a day.


May I drink coffee, tea or drinks with caffeine?

No more that one cup a day.


When will I feel the baby move for the first time?

You may feel the baby move around 18 to 22 weeks. If this is not your first pregnancy, you may feel movement earlier around 16 weeks.


May I have intercourse throughout pregnancy?

Yes. There are no restrictions as long a there are no complications (i.e. vaginal bleeding, placenta previa, or premature labor). If in doubt, consult your physician. Intercourse is not allowed once your water has broken.


May I exercise during my pregnancy?

Yes, but only in moderation as directed by your doctor. Low impact or prenatal aerobic exercise classes, as well as walking and swimming, are recommended. Remember; do not lie flat on your back during any exercise.


May I sit in a Jacuzzi or hot tub?

No, because your body temperature could become too high. This could be harmful to both you and your baby.


Is alcohol safe?

Since no safe level of alcohol consumption has been documented at any point, our general recommendation is to avoid all alcohol in-take throughout the entire pregnancy. If you have any further questions, please consult your physician.


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