Pregnancy FAQS

How long will my first visit be?

You can anticipate the OB education visit will last about 1-2 hours. It will entail the following:

  • Filling out required paperwork
  • Meeting with one of our doctors
  • Most likely having an ultrasound (but this depends on your gestational age)
  • Getting lab work done
  • Preparing a plan of care for the rest of  your pregnancy
  • All of the above may take some time depending on your pregnancy risk factors.

Our policy on welcoming newly pregnant patients is that you will be given an appointment to see one of our doctors within the first week of calling to notify us of your pregnancy. We would ideally like to do your first ultrasound between 7-10 weeks gestation. This means that at your first OB visit with us you may or may not get an ultrasound as it may need to be scheduled closer to the 7-10 week time interval.

Can I come to Ladies First if I want a Home-birth?

Unfortunately, because of the risks involved, our practice does not support home-birth. Because of this, we can not assume your prenatal care if you plan to give birth anywhere other than a licensed hospital.

What do you suggest if prenatal vitamins make me nauseous?

Many patients have found that Flintstone’s Vitamins are tolerable. Taking two Flintstone Vitamins will suffice as a supplement.

How often will I come in for my visits and what tests will I have?

Click here to view the normal pregnancy schedule listing tests that should be performed. We are a full-service obstetrical office providing all the prenatal testing you will need for a typical pregnancy. If you have a special problem we will refer you to the perinatologists, with whom we will work closely to manage your pregnancy.

When will I feel the baby kick for the first time?

You may feel the baby move around 18 to 22 weeks. If this is not your first pregnancy, you may feel movement earlier around 16 weeks

What can I drink during pregnancy?

After your first trimester (13 weeks), you may drink caffeinated beverages including coffee, tea and diet sodas. However, we recommend no more than one cup of a caffeinated beverage a day. Alcohol is never permitted during pregnancy.

Can I travel during pregnancy?

While pregnant, you may travel long distances by car until you reach 28 weeks. You should stop every 1-2 hours and walk about for 10 minutes to improve circulation and keep your feet and ankles from swelling.

You may travel by air with authorization from your doctor. Some airlines require a written letter from your doctor giving you authorization for air travel. If you go out of town, remember to bring your prenatal records with you.

I have more questions about pregnancy

You can send us a message with any other questions you may have click here. We try our best to answer all patient inquiries.

 Call us toll free at 877-671-9445 to schedule your appointment.

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All surgeries and childbirth deliveries are performed at Flowers Hospital. Please contact our Dothan office at 334-671-9445 if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing us for your women’s healthcare needs! 

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