Women faced with early-stage breast cancer are increasingly opting to undergo breast-conserving surgery known as “lumpectomy.” Previous research indicated that surgical removal of the entire breast (“mastectomy”) was chosen as often as lumpectomy by women with early-stage breast cancer who were candidates for lumpectomy and the radiation treatment that typically follows it. However, a new study drawing on a more complete database shows that more than 60 percent (compared with slightly more than 54 percent just 13 years prior) of eligible women chose lumpectomy in the most recent year for which there is available data. Earlier detection may be one factor that has influenced women’s choices since it increases the feasibility of breast-conserving surgery.

Lumpectomy is a first treatment option for some women with early-stage breast cancer. In cases where cancer is found, lumpectomy usually is followed by radiation therapy to the breast to reduce the chances of cancer returning. At LADIES FIRST OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY OF DOTHAN, we take pride in providing compassionate, patient-centered, state-of-the-art women’s health care. New and established patients are always welcome at our offices located in Dothan, Ozark, & Enterprise. Please call (334) 671-9445 to schedule an appointment. “Excellence in Caring For Women”

P.S. Some women with early-stage breast cancer decide they cannot opt for a lumpectomy because they either cannot take time off from work to undergo the radiation treatment that follows or cannot arrange transportation to do so.