For decades, an annual pelvic exam has been considered an essential part of the “well-woman” visit. However, new guidelines issued by the American College of Physicians call the necessity of the exam into question by recommending that it is not necessary for women who are neither pregnant nor have any symptoms of pelvic disease. Until this recommendation, the pelvic exam had been viewed as a good way to screen for fibroids, benign cysts, and uterine and ovarian cancers. However, the ACP’s new recommendation comes on the heels of a review of 52 studies, which provided no evidence that pelvic screenings reduced the incidence of disease or saved lives. This is an issue that women should discuss with their gynecologists.

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P.S. The American College of Physicians still recommends that women between the ages of 21 and 65 who have a cervix have Pap smears every three years.